Zombie Radar

Zombie Radar Press Information

PRESS CONTACT: Brandon Stecklein press@ape-apps.com

Title: Zombie Radar
Developer: Ape Apps - Brandon Stecklein
Target Platform: Android, Windows
Price: FREE
URL: https://apps.ape-apps.com/zombie-radar/
Available From: Also available for Android, Windows

About Zombie Radar
Ape Apps brings you the number one software suite on the market for the detection of zombies and other undead entities. It's Zombie Radar! Build on the same award winning paranormal detection algorithms as the popular Spirit Scanner app, Zombie Radar refines the process further to specifically detect and track zombie activity. When the outbreak occurs, don't be caught with your pants down. Zombie Radar will give you the tools necessary to survive the apocalyptic outbreak.

This latest version of Zombie Radar provides many improvements over the previous release. New features include:

Zombietalk: Ape App's patented new Zombie Talk technology actually lets zombies and other undeads communicate with you directly. They aren't just mumbling and moaning you know...

And the best part is, this is an entirely free app. All of these handy, fun, and life saving features are provided to you at no cost. So what are you waiting for? Get Zombie Radar today!

Zombie Radar is meant for entertainment purposes only, and it is not certified for use with actual Zombie detection and prevention. Zombie Radar cannot protect you or your family in the event of a read outbreak. When it comes to zombies, please exercise extreme caution. Do not provoke or approach a zombie, it can be life threatening.

If you have suggestions for ways to improve the app, please comment or let me know ASAP. Zombie Radar is made for you guys, so please help me make it the best app it can be! Once again, thanks for trying Zombie Radar, now go out there and detect some undead!

About Ape Apps
Ape Apps is the business name for Brandon Stecklein's software development activities. Started in June 2010 with the release of Ape Punch for Android, Brandon has created apps for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, iOS, and for the web in HTML5.
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