Without a Parachute
Oh no, you just fell out of an airplane without a parachute! This is bad. In Without a Parachute, you must flap your "wings" (arms) as fast as you can to try to delay the inevitable. Along the way you can collect coins that will help you buy amazing powerups that will further increase your chances for fame and glory in the skies. Oddly, the item shop does not sell an actual parachute... There are also birds that you have to avoid while falling, plenty of achievements to unlock and a global high scores leaderboard so you can see who is the best person in the world at falling out of an airplane!

Premium License Key

Without a Parachute is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of Without a Parachute on all platforms! Click Here for more info.