Love Radar
Also available for Android, Kindle Fire
Is there love in the air? Find out with the Love Radar!

Love Radar scans your surroundings to search for true love. Use it to impress your friends! Gain respect from your elders! Get the girl! All is possible with Love Radar!

The latest update to Love Radar features many exciting new features which make this an app worth keeping, including:

Sweet Talk: When love radar detects love in the air, the essence of love can now communicate with you through your device sensors and speak to you out loud with the new Sweet Talk feature. Try it out!

Is the love real or is it another fake? Don't get your hopes up without first consulting this app! I am always looking to make improvements, so please contact me with suggestions and I will try to make the app better! Thanks for trying Love Radar, now get out there and find true love!

Meant for entertainment purposes only. While you may find your soul mate using this app, you could also end up finding a succubus. Use at your own risk!