Lie Detector Facial Scanner

Also available for Android, Kindle Fire


Lie Detector Facial Scanner is a fun novelty app that tries to detect if you are telling a lie or the truth based on a simulated polygraph test! But there is a trick to the app that makes for the ultimate prank for friends and family...

Tap on the screen once, and the facial scan will always come back telling you that you said a lie. Tap on it quickly two times though, and it will always say that you are telling the truth. The possibilities are endless. Everything you say will be true, while everything your friends say will be a lie! It's the ultimate prank!

So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends! Honor your ancestors! Get the girl! All is possible when you download Lie Detector Facial Scanner today! Batteries not included.


Premium License Key

Lie Detector Facial Scanner is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of Lie Detector Facial Scanner on all platforms! Click Here for more info.