Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue Press Information

PRESS CONTACT: Brandon Stecklein press@ape-apps.com

Title: Gone Rogue
Developer: Ape Apps - Brandon Stecklein
Target Platform: Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Kindle Fire
Price: FREE
URL: https://apps.ape-apps.com/gone-rogue/
Available From: Also available for Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Kindle Fire

About Gone Rogue
Gone Rogue is an epic roguelike roleplaying adventure game! From the makers of the popular RPG Level Up, Gone Rogue is an all new roguelike endless dungeon crawler. Explore randomly generated dungeons, collect loot, defeat monsters, and level up!

Gone Rogue features the robust inventory management and combat system from Level Up, but packaged in a brand new 2d dungeon crawling adventure. Find epic items or create your own by adding upgrades to socketed items. Items are procedurally generated at run time, so no two playthroughs will have the exact same loot!

Gone Rogue is just getting started, and there will be many new features added in the future. Coming updates will open up the Town where you can barter for goods, an online auction house, procedurally generated quests, crafting, cooking, and of course more dungeon types to explore. If you'd like to have a say in the future direction of the game, e-mail me or let me know in the app market comments!

Ambient sounds in Gone Rogue were created by klankbeeld at freesound.org

Town music track is Suonatore di Liuto by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

About Ape Apps
Ape Apps is the business name for Brandon Stecklein's software development activities. Started in June 2010 with the release of Ape Punch for Android, Brandon has created apps for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, iOS, and for the web in HTML5.
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