Now Accepting PayPal

Fail Sounds

While Fail Sounds is completely free to use, it is supported by in-app advertising which some users may wish to remove. Depending on which platform you are using Fail Sounds on, you can generally choose to remove advertising from within the app itself. However, buying a license key here directly from Ape Apps does come with some advantages:
Using PayPal
After completing your purchase through PayPal, you must follow the "Back to Ape Apps" links that it gives you in order to automatically generate your license key. Otherwise, you will need to contact with your order reciept and confirmation details in order to complete your purchase.

Can't use PayPal or Credit Card?
If you want to purchase the full version of Fail Sounds but are unable to purchase using PayPal (which also accepts credit cards), then you are now able to optionally order the full upgrade by mail. Click Here to fill out the order form that you can print and mail to Ape Apps with cash, check, or money order. When your payment is received and cleared, the upgrade will be added to your Ape Apps Account. An account is required to use the pay by mail option.
Payment OptionsPay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card
*License key activations are tracked and monitored. If you decide to share your key with the world, we will notice and it will be deactivated!