Facial Recognition Lock is an amazing novelty app that makes it look like you can unlock your device using only your face! Rather than using actual facial recognition technology though, facial recognition lock uses a trick where double tapping on the unlock button actually unlocks your device, whereas single tapping gives users an access denied warning.

But that isn't the coolest part. Whenever somebody who doesn't know the trick fails to unlock your device, facial recognition lock will take their picture and store it for you, so that the next time you check your phone, you will know exactly who tries to get in and mess around with it! You can even post their guilty face on Facebook or other social media to show the world how guilty they are!

Facial Recognition Lock is a great gag for fooling your friends, or for impressing the ladies at the club. I am always looking to improve my apps, and will update often based on user feedback. If you have any features you want added or issues to report, please e-mail me or leave a comment! Enjoy Facial Recognition Lock!