EZ Trip Tracker

EZ Trip Tracker Press Information

PRESS CONTACT: Brandon Stecklein press@ape-apps.com

Title: EZ Trip Tracker
Developer: Ape Apps - Brandon Stecklein
Target Platform: Android, Windows, Mac OS, Kindle Fire
Price: FREE
URL: https://apps.ape-apps.com/ez-trip-tracker/
Available From: Also available for Android, Windows, Mac OS, Kindle Fire

About EZ Trip Tracker
Organize and keep track of your trips using EZ Trip Tracker!

EZ Trip Tracker is an easy to use application for logging and keeping track of the trips that you take. It allows you to log and store trip information, including date, country, location, the number of nights stayed, as well as additional thoughts or notes about your trip. You can add pictures of your trips to your log so you can keep the memory alive, and you can even print your trip logs for archiving. If you sign in using an Ape Apps account, you can even sync your travel log across devices. EZ Trip Tracker is the best way to keep a journal or diary of your best vacations and travels!

About Ape Apps
Ape Apps is the business name for Brandon Stecklein's software development activities. Started in June 2010 with the release of Ape Punch for Android, Brandon has created apps for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, iOS, and for the web in HTML5.
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