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You are currently visiting the marketing and promotional website for EZ QR Code. For more news and information on EZ QR Code, please check out the official website at https://ezoffice.org/.
EZ QR Code is a full featured yet easy to use application for scanning, storing, sharing and creating QR and other barcodes. The app can scan many different kinds of QR and bar codes, and will save them in your code library. It will also automatically retrieve information on books and food items, including giving the nutri-score for food items you scan, when available. The app can be used at stores to do quick on the spot price comparisons, as it includes fast and quick product lookup links to many top retailers.

Premium License Key

EZ QR Code is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of EZ QR Code on all platforms! Click Here for more info.