EZ Genealogy

EZ Genealogy Privacy Policy

Updated May 13th, 2018
EZ Genealogy is developed and published by Ape Apps. Ape Apps collects absolutely no personally identifiable information about our users without express consent. EZ Genealogy does utilize some online services, and you should review how they are used below.

Google Analytics

EZ Genealogy utilizes Google Analytics to track anonymous statistics related to app usage and installs. Examples of statistics gathered are what kind of device you are using, how much time you spend in the app, what features of the app you are using, which version of the app you are running, what city you live in, and more. Information which Ape Apps has access to is completely anonymous, in that we can see that you are using the app, but we do not know who you are. Google Analytics is governed by Google's own privacy policy, which you can view here.

Ape Apps Account

Optionally, EZ Genealogy gives users the ability to create and log in using an Ape Apps Account. There is no requirement to do so. Logging in with Ape Apps allows you to sync your in-app purchases across platforms and to sync your saved game data between devices. No personal information is collected besides your email address, and no private or payment information is ever stored on our servers.

Cloud Sync

As a free service to all EZ Genealogy users, users who are signed in using an Ape Apps account (again, optional) will have their EZ Genealogy settings, data and progress automatically synced between their various devices. Again, no personal information is captured. To disable this feature, simply sign out of Ape Apps from within the app.

Anti-Piracy Measures

The first time the user launches EZ Genealogy, anonymous data is transmitted to the Ape Apps server to verify the integrity of the install, in an effort to combat software piracy. In addition, a similar check is made with the Ape Apps server when conducting an in-app purchase, or when unlocking the app using a Premium License Key file. No personal information is collected during these anti-piracy checks.

Non-Online Features

In addition to the online features mentioned above, EZ Genealogy includes some offline capabilities in which you may want to be aware of. Specifically, EZ Genealogy has the ability to detect specific state changes with your device, such as when the device is rotated, or when the device has an incoming phone call or notification. These abilities are only there in order to improve app usability. For instance, EZ Genealogy can detect movements in your device in order to facilitate the handling of shake related gestures. In addition, EZ Genealogy can detect when a phone call is received in order to disable in-app sound effects during a phone call. In any event, no information relative to your device or your phone calls or contacts is ever collected or stored by Ape Apps.

Underlying Philosophy

At the end of the day, Ape Apps exists to provide entertainment and utility to our users. Ape Apps is an entertainment company first and foremost, and we have absolutely no interest in data mining our customers, or selling their information to third parties. Your privacy is a top concern for Ape Apps, and EZ Genealogy users can rest assured that we take your privacy seriously. If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your privacy relative to EZ Genealogy, do not hesitate to contact us at support@ape-apps.com, or visit our Support Forum where we will be happy to answer any concerns that you may have.