Ninja Level Up


Ninja Level Up is a classic linear style dungeon crawler role playing game. Made by the creators of the popular mobile RPG games Level Up RPG and Deimos, Ninja Level Up is designed to be quick and easy to pick up and play, the way a mobile RPG should be. Acceptable for kids and adults of all ages.

The story begins 14 years ago with a young boy who is washed ashore in Japan. He is taken up by an old sensei and trained in the ways of the ninja. After he is stuck by misfortune, he must use his new ninja skills to honor his sensei and get vengeance on his enemies.

Ninja Level Up was built with the dungeon crawler gameplay style in mind, and is designed from the ground up to be a quick and easy pick up and play roleplaying game that you can learn in just a few minutes time. Play it at school, work, on the bus, or while sitting in traffic (obey all traffic laws).

If you like ninjas, RPG's, or were a fan of the original Level Up and Deimos games, then you are going to love Ninja Level Up! There is also a lot more story and content to come, so leave suggestions in the comments on what you think should happen next!



Level Up Engine Gets Major Upgrades

In preparation for the upcoming release of Deimos 2 - End of the Earth, the Level Up RPG engine (which also currently powers Level Up, Deimos, and Ninja Level Up) has received some major capability upgrades which will soon be making their way into the entire Level Up franchise.  Some of the larger engine improvements include are detailed below. Added support for belt items and a separate belt Continue Reading...

Prepare For Deimos 2 - End of the Earth

Finally after two years, the moment that fans of the groundbreaking Deimos RPG have been waiting for.  Sarge and his team return to action this fall in Deimos 2 - End of the Earth! Build on the popular Level Up RPG engine, Deimos 2 is a story driven dungeon crawler style role playing game where you must collect items, fight deadly enemies, and save the world!  Taking place shortly after Continue Reading...

Level Up Becomes Its Own Company

Today we are proud to announce the formation of Level Up Roleplays LLC, a new subsidiary company of Ape Apps that is 100% focused on maintaining the Level Up game engine, and creating exciting new RPG games based off of that engine! From now on, all future Level Up related news and information will be posted over at the new Level Up Roleplays website at: Continue Reading...

Crayon Video Game Art

For our upcoming RPG game Ninja Level Up, the decision was made to create all of the game graphics by hand using Crayola crayons on paper.  This gives the game quite a unique look, but it also provides challenges not faced when using traditional computer based artwork. Sumo Enemy The first challenge I did not anticipate, was the image quality that is obtained through the computer scanner.  Continue Reading...

August 2014 Revenue by Platform

For months and months I have been trying to diversify my revenues so that I am not completely beholden to the success or failure of the Android platform.  As I reported in my July 2014 revenue report though, these efforts have thus far been largely unsuccessful.  Did the situation change any in the month of August?  Let's take a look. In fact, things did improve slightly during the month Continue Reading...