My Business Empire


If you've ever dreamt of running and managing your own business, then this is the simulation game for you!

Brought to you by the creator of the epic My Planet and My Land simulation games, comes the exciting corporate simulation game My Business Empire! Start out as a kid with $20 and a small lemonade stand and build your way up to making millions of dollars on a space rocket transportation business! The possibilities are endless.

My Business Empire runs in real time while you are away, so your companies will be earning you money, even when you are not playing. Hire managers to run your business for you. Rename your businesses for extra customization. Level up your companies to generate more cash. And open new companies and new opportunities. The sky is the limit in this amazing business sim game.


Premium License Key

My Business Empire is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of My Business Empire on all platforms! Click Here for more info.


What's New With Ape Apps?

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Introducing My Colony Public Beta

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Be Your Own Boss with My Business Empire

If you've ever wanted to start your own company but weren't interested in taking any risk, then this game is for you!  My Business Empire is an awesome time management business simulation game from Ape Apps where you start a company, watch it grow, and get rich! Brought to you by the creator of the awesome simulation games My Land and My Planet, My Business Empire starts players out Continue Reading...