Monster Detector is a fingerprint scanner app that scans your thumb print and then, based on your readings, tells you which monster you are! This app is much better than sitting down and taking an online quiz to determine which monster you are, because the results are instant!

There are literally millions of uses for this app. For one, suppose it is almost Halloween and you can't decide on a costume. Or you are headed to a party where costumes are required. What to wear?!? Why not dress your personality by using this app and deciding what you should be!



Top 5 Must Have Apps for Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching, so it is time to get your mobile device ready for the holiday.  There is no need to worry, because we've got you covered with the top 5 spooky apps for this Halloween season! Halloween Soundboard (free) If you are hosting trick-or-treaters this year, or even hosting a Halloween party, this app is a must.  Halloween Soundboard is a collection of high quality Continue Reading...