Mongo Madness


Mongo Madness is a fast paced run and jump 2d side scrolling platform game from Ape Apps. It contains 32 exciting levels split up into 8 worlds of increasing difficulty. Collect hearts to stay alive, jump on enemies to survive, and beat each level to thrive. Can be played with onscreen controls, keyboard, or gamepad. There is also an optional 12 level expansion pack called Mongo Madness - The Lost Levels.

It's just another lazy morning down in the Caves of Doom, until Mongo the orc wakes up and realizes that his girl has gone missing! Help Mongo battle his way through eight stunning worlds and 32 action-packed platforming levels as he collects coins, stomps enemies, and saves the girl! With Mongo Madness, you will relive the glory days of classic retro platform gaming, all in the palm of your hand!


Premium License Key

Mongo Madness is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of Mongo Madness on all platforms! Click Here for more info.


New Games for Spring 2017

It's a new season, and with it are a couple of new games coming soon from Ape Apps, as well as some exciting updates for existing titles. Mongo Dash Coming out (hopefully) later this week, Mongo Dash is a (somewhat) sequel to my popular Mario style platform game Mongo Madness.  The difference is that it is an auto-runner type game, sort of like the new Super Mario Run that recently came out for Continue Reading...

Troll Land now available for Android!

Today Ape Apps is proud to announce that our newest 2d sidescrolling platform adventure game Troll Land is now available for free from Google Play! Troll Land is a fun free fast paced 2d super mario style platform game designed for kids and adults of all ages. With many challenging levels, a global high scores leaderboard, fun graphics, and intuitive controls, you will be playing troll land Continue Reading...

Announcing Troll Land for Android!

Fans of old school style 2d platform gaming have reason to be excited this fall, as Ape Apps is proud to announce our latest Android project Troll Land! Build on the same powerful and award winning platforming engine as Mongo Madness, Troll Land puts players in charge of a simple cave troll on a quest for treasure and glory!  Work your way through 16 action packed levels of excitementContinue Reading...