Johns Fish Calls

Also available for Android.


Tired of spending a day at the lake only to come home empty handed? Tired of those looks of scorn from your wife? Do you wish your fish stories were actually true? Well wish no longer, because John the Fisherman has devised this patented new fish call system!

Simply cast your line, pull out the app, and hold down on the button to emit the specialized fish call sounds. Make sure your volume is up. Fish cannot resist the sound of Johns Fish Calls. Before you know it, you will have more fish than your boat can handle.

Note, sportsmen bringing Johns Fish Calls to Lake Okanagan may require a special permit from the British Columbia Wildlife Authority because of it's potency.



Fisherman Sets Record with John's Fish Calls

Fisherman Freddie "Skip" Polaski wasn't planning on making history last week when he went out for a casual morning on Lake Lanier in Georgia.  But after an exhausting 48 minute fight, Skip became legend, setting a new lake record with this amazing 106 pound catch! His secret?  Hard work, determination, a little bit of luck, and an amazing mobile app called John's Fish Calls. I'd Continue Reading...