Fingerprint Lockscreen


Fingerprint Lock Screen is an amazing fingerprint scanner app that you can use as your lock screen. When you load up the app, it will lock out your phone until you re authorize yourself using your own thumb print scan. A great extra security measure to keep unwanted people out of your phone!

Your phone does not actually have the capabilities to read your fingerprint. There is a trick to making the device unlock. Please remember to read the instructions that appear the first time that you load the app.

Fingerprint Lock Screen actually locks out button presses on your phone and hides the menu bar. It also uses your own desktop wallpaper as it's background, so that it is tailored to your own style. You can also adjust the scan speed settings after you have gained access to the device!

Fingerprint Lock screen is a great gag for fooling your friends into thinking your phone can read thumb print scans. It also looks pretty cool and works good. So do yourself a favor and download Fingerprint Lock Screen today!